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Rocket Fuel Sunflower Stuffed Zucchini

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Do you like Zucchini, Patty Pan, or Delicata squash? Well, this recipe is an amazing lunch or side dish. Warm, delicious, satisfying, and healthy with arugula and sunflower seed superfoods. You'll make a stuffing while your gourd is roasting and then mix in the pesto as the last step. Or, just add a tablespoon of this seed superfood pesto on top!

I used whole wheat couscous and added some fresh corn niblets that I boiled and cut from the cobb, roasted sunflower seeds, thyme, greens, and shallots, but you can mix up your stuffing grains and veggies. Enjoy this regular or dairy-free because we also make Rocket Fuel Sunflower vegan. Or, try it with our bougie gold label Rocket Fuel Pumpkin varieties and roasted pumpkin seeds!

View and download the recipe here:

Rocket Fuel Sunflower Stuffed Zucchini
Download PDF • 274KB

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