Order Rocket Fuel Pesto to Your Porch. Batch 28 is May 11th-May 31st. Delivery 1-3 days.

Made with cashews, organic greens, organic garlic, non-GMO and organic vegetable oils, aged, rennet-free Wisconsin parm, finished with salt.
*** Each 8 ounce compostable container has 14 fresh servings. Must be refrigerated. Use or freeze within 20 days of creation date, preservative-free.***

Get Pesto to Your Porch delivery (1-3 days, you can leave out a cooler for your delivery window, we will contact you) in Essex County, Mass. 

We launched this service in response to the Corona Virus public health crisis during the Covid-19 "stay-at-home" mandate and are extending the service. We adhere to all protocols required by the Board of Health. We are chef owned, and our product is made at Kitchen Local in Amesbury under the highest standards with high quality product delivered from Baldor. Subscribe to our newsletter for Batch Alerts, and follow us on social for updates.

Rocket Fuel Pesto to Your Porch Delivery (Essex County) - May