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Mixed case with three each of all four varieties -- original Rocket Fuel Pesto, cashew Dairy-Free, Rocket Fuel Pumpkin, and pumpkin seed Dairy-Free. Weekly production with delivery 1-5 days in Essex County. Made with organic fair trade cashews or organic pumpkin seeds, organic greens - LOCAL WHENEVER POSSIBLE - organic garlic, non-GMO and organic vegetable oils, aged, rennet-free Wisconsin parm (6) OR nutritional yeast made from inactive yeast (6), finished with salt. *** Each 8 ounce BPA-free polypropylene container has 14 tbsp/fresh servings. Must be refrigerated. Use or freeze within 20/25/30 of creation date, preservative-free.*** 

All Rocket Fuel & Dairy-Free Variety - 1 CASE 3/3/3/3 wholesale

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