Rocket Fuel PestoTM by Brace Gourmet, LLC is chef made in Essex County, Massachusetts, in a shared commercial kitchen designed for small food businesses. We are a chef-owned, self-funded business launched for direct-to-consumer sale in 2019.


We use only the finest high-quality ingredients, and Rocket Fuel Pesto is:

  • Animal rennet-free (Vegetarian)

  • rBST hormone free 

  • Plastic-free

  • Gluten free

  • Available vegan

We source regionally using non-GMO and organic greens, garlic, and oils, as well as fine Bazzini cashews and family-owned Sartori cheese from Wisconsin (or nutritional yeast in Rocket Fuel Dairy-Free). We hope to grow sustainably over time, and develop relationships with local and organic growers.

Contains Tree Nut & Dairy Allergens. Keep Refrigerated. Keeps 20 Days -- preservative-free. Can be frozen.

Please contact us at

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Original Rocket Fuel Pesto