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Rocket Fuel PestoTM by Brace Gourmet, LLC is chef made in Essex County, Massachusetts, in a shared commercial kitchen. We are a chef-owned, self-funded business.

We use only the finest high-quality ingredients, and Rocket Fuel Pesto is:

  • Animal rennet-free (Vegetarian)

  • rBST hormone-free 

  • Plastic-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Also available vegan

We source as regionally as possible using non-GMO and organic greens, garlic, and oils, as well as organic, certified fairtrade Beyond cashews and family-owned Sartori cheese from Wisconsin (or nutritional yeast in Rocket Fuel Dairy-Free). We keep pushing sustainability as we grow, and are developing relationships with local and organic growers like Living Soil Gardens, LLC and Heron Pond Farms.








Do you know where your cashews come from? We know exactly where ours do! From farm to bag, beyond has full traceability.  Beyond, knows (and trains) the farmers that grow them and the truck drivers that deliver them.  They know the people that process all the cashews used in original Rocket Fuel Pesto varieities.  Beyond is dedicated to transparency. By choosing beyond,  we know that we not only have the best organic + fairtrade cashews around, but you as a consumer of fairtrade pesto are also helping to fight the injustices within the industry and empowering people from the farmer to the consumer.

Why the Cashew?

We also make nut-free superfood pesto  - try Rocket Fuel Sunflower and Rocket Fuel Pumpkin 'gold label' varieties.

Keep Refrigerated. They keep 20/25/30 Days -- preservative-free -- depending on type. They freeze beautifully.

For more information, please contact us at

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Original Rocket Fuel Pesto

Rocket Fuel Sunflower Label.jpg
Rocket Fuel Sunflower Dairy Free Label.jpg
Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Label.jpg
Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Dairy Free Label.jpg
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