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Welcome to the retail pesto shop! To order, scroll and double-click products: 

  • Pick your 8 oz favorites for Curbside Pick-Up at 284 Bay Road, Hamilton (Rte. 128 to 1A North)

  • Pre-order only for 32 oz value sizes - Please specify regular or vegan and curbside pick-up or market pick-up location and date.

    • The "OG" Rocket Fuel Pesto or Rocket Fuel Dairy-Free (made with cashews): $40

    • Rocket Fuel Sunflower or Rocket Fuel Sunflower Dairy-Free (made with sunflower seeds): $35

    • Rocket Fuel Pumpkin or Rocket Fuel Sunflower Dairy-Free (our 'gold label' made with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil): $50

  • Wholesale and co-op orders available. 

Original (cashew) and Rocket Fuel Pumpkin seed or Rocket Fuel Sunflower seed dairy-free/vegan varieties, when available, may be pre-ordered for curbside pick-up

Sign up for batch alerts so you know as soon as fresh, superfood pesto is available! Please contact us for requests here

Chef-Made - Small Batch - Always 2 Superfoods - Organic - Non-GMO - Fairtrade - Compostable

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