Rocket Fuel PestoTM is more than a delicious spread -- it's a line of fresh pestos chef-made in small batches. They are made with superfoods that enhance the health and flavor of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. 

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Chef Made. Small Batch.

The original arugula cashew pestoTM and Rocket Fuel Sunflower & Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Seed varieties are chef-made in small batches by Brace Gourmet, LLC.  

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Superfood Rich.

Rocket Fuel Pesto, Rocket Fuel Sunflower, & Rocket Fuel Pumpkin add iron, vitamins, protein, heart-healthy fats, and more to every dish. All varieties are available regular* and dairy-free/vegan.

Preservative-free/organic/non-GMO/fair trade

*Animal-rennet and hormone-free

Seed pestos rock! Coming Soon

Giving vegans more choice! Coming Soon

Super Good

Super Versatile

Super Food


Plastic Free. 

Brace Gourmet is committed to public health and habitats, so we package our direct-to-consumer product with containers made from a biopolymer called PLA (polylactic acid) by Ingeo™ brand. It is made from U.S.-grown starchy plants, like corn, that are processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts and performs like plastic. 

Please send Rocket Fuel Pesto containers to anaerobic composting facilities.


Farmers' Markets & Direct Bulk Buy

We are a self-funded local business! In 2022 you can find us at Newburyport, Davis Square, Haverhill, Beverly, North Andover, and Appleton Farms farmers' markets on select dates and we work with co-ops, like Farm Direct Coop.

Order online for curbside pick-up and free local delivery (32 oz size only) in Beverly, Hamilton/Wenham, Haverhill, and Peabody. Contact us today for bulk purchases.