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Rocket Fuel PestoTM is more than a delicious spread -- it's a line of fresh pestos chef-made in small batches. They are made with superfoods that enhance the health and flavor of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. 

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Chef Made. Small Batch.

The original arugula cashew pestoTM and Rocket Fuel Sunflower & Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Seed varieties are chef-made in small batches by Brace Gourmet, LLC.  

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Superfood Rich.

Rocket Fuel Pesto, Rocket Fuel Sunflower, & Rocket Fuel Pumpkin add iron, vitamins, protein, heart-healthy fats, and more to every dish. All varieties are available regular* and dairy-free/vegan.

Preservative-free/organic/non-GMO/fair trade

*Animal-rennet and hormone-free

Seed pestos rock! Coming Soon

Giving vegans more choice! Coming Soon

Super Good

Super Versatile

Super Food

Raw 3

Plastic Free at Market. 

Brace Gourmet is committed to public health and habitats, so we package our direct-to-consumer product with containers made from a biopolymer called PLA (polylactic acid) by Ingeo™ brand. It is made from U.S.-grown starchy plants, like corn, that are processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts and performs like plastic. 

For wholesale beginning May 2023, the state of Massachusetts requires tamper-evident containers, and deli containers are not yet available in PLA. Since polylactic acid containers cannot be heat-sealed, Rocket Fuel Pesto will only be available in recyclable BPA-free polypropylene at future retail points in Essex County. However, compostable containers will still be used for farmers' markets and direct sales. We continue to urge the eco-packaging industry to develop tamper-evident containers and hope to raise our voice louder about the critical need for food-safe, renewable-powered and carbon considerate plastic packaging alternatives. This is a blue planet -- clean water and aquatic life must be protected for the future of humanity.

Please send compostable Rocket Fuel Pesto containers to anaerobic composting facilities.


How to Buy:

We are a self-funded local business! In 2023 you can find us at Newburyport and Haverhill farmers' markets on select dates.


We also distribute through co-ops, like Farm Direct Coop, and were approved for a MA wholesale license in April.

Order online for curbside pick-up and free local delivery (32 oz size only) in Beverly and Hamilton/Wenham.


Please contact us for bulk orders and wholesale.

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