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Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Jennifer Aniston Salad

I love the viral Jennifer Aniston salad with Rocket Fuel Pumpkin Dairy-Free!

I used the recipe on the Eating Bird Food blog and substituted Rocket Fuel for the feta at 1 tbsp per cup of salad.

The nutritionsl yeast gives it that salty, tangy flavor with less salt and a dose of B vitamins to boot.

Here it is plated all pretty.

The recipe's key feature is the pistachios, which pair well with pumpkin seed pesto:

I used pickled red onion from Roots & Spoon instead of raw red onion and it added enough acid, so I only juiced 1 lemon. I also chose tri-color quinoa, which adds more texture. And that fresh parsley from High Road Farm along with fresh mint gives it such a refreshing taste.

I added extra cucumber because I can't help myself.

I seasoned the salad with some help from good friends. I love local sea salt from Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. and black pepper from Frontier Co-op, which is the source of our nooch.

Finally, mix in 1 tbsp of Rocket Fuel per cup. Then, enjoy!

This delicious salad has so many superfoods -- arugula, spinach, pumpkin seed, chickpea, pistachio, quinoa, and mint.

Store this vegan salad for up to a week, stirring the pesto in with each serving.

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