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Rocket Fuel Zoodle Ratatouille

Early fall is a great time to make ratatouille -- it's a warm comfort food, healthy, and delicious. And with so many fresh vegetables, it's easy to make for localvores.

Traditionally, tomatoes are used, and they break down and make the dish a stew. This recipe substitutes carrot to reduce acidity, and calls for zuchinni noodles that bind to the other vegetables and thicken the dish. I also add mushrooms and a pinch or two of an umami spice blend. Trader Joe's Umami Mushroom Spice blend a delightful.

Cut and steam the eggplant (skin on) and carrot until tender. This step reduces the amount of oil in the dish.

Then, sauté softened eggplant and carrots. I use an avocado and coconut oil blend and a sprinkle of local sea salt.

Add sliced baby bella mushrooms and cut orange bell pepper and sauté until softened.

Add the zoodles last, until cooked. Mix in your spices and stir for 30 seconds on low, then remove from heat.

Mix in Rocket Fuel Pesto as a last step -- about 1 TBSP per person -- and serve.

Use any Rocket Fuel Pesto in this recipe! You can make it vegan, nut-free, or vegan and nut-free with our 6 varieties.

Mix it up with orange eggplant, red or yellow bell pepper, and oyster mushrooms or top with your favorite raw microgreens.

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